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At the Criminal Defense Team of Fakhimi & Associates, we know how much rides on the outcome of our clients' cases. Whether they are going through the Orange County criminal justice system for the first time or are facing a second or even third offense, the stakes are always high. Dealing with court appearances and the possibility of jail time and a criminal record can be intimidating for anyone. Don't put your freedom in the hands of less experienced attorneys.  Our office offers the most aggressive and thought out defense possible at a reasonable cost.  We regularly appear in front of criminal court judges in Orange county, San Bernaridno county, Los Angeles county and  Riverside county. Call us today to arrange for a free consultation with our experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

Our attorneys provide the aggressive defense that our clients need while being compassionate and understanding of their concerns. Firm founder Houman Fakhimi has more than 16 years of experience fighting for the rights of criminal defendants across Southern California. As a member of the California Public Defenders Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, he is fully committed to fighting for anyone charged with a crime. Our team has an impressive record of victory, and we are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Orange County criminal defense  attorney Houman Fakhimi has tried cases ranging from murder to criminal threats. This experience in handling criminal trials distinguishes Houman Fakhimi from many other attorneys who avoid trials at all cost and push their clients into accepting plea agreements which are not necessarily the best results that the client can have. Being familiar with Penal Code as well as other statutes which the district attorney or the United States Attorneys may rely on, knowing the evidence code and federal rules of evidence and having the confidence and the courtroom presence to impress the juries and the judges are just some of the characteristics that our lead trial attorney, Houman Fakhimi, offers to his clients.  If you or a loved one are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges in the Orange county courts or courts of the counties of San Bernardino or Riverside call us today for a free consultation.

We have successfully helped clients in many complex criminal cases. Read about some of our recent victories or contact us for a free consultation. Hablamos Español.

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Law Firm Handling Violent and Serious Crime Charges, Including Domestic Violence Cases

From the moment a client meets with our Santa Ana criminal defense lawyers, we begin working to get him or her a quick and favorable outcome to his or her case. When a client has been falsely accused, we stop at nothing to prove innocence. When the arresting officer or prosecutor has made a mistake, we can often get a case dismissed. When the evidence against a client is insurmountable, we still make sure that sentencing guidelines are applied fairly and do everything possible to minimize the penalties he or she faces.

Houman Fakhimi has over sixteen years of experience in handling the most serious of felony and misdemeanor cases including assault, battery and other domestic violence charges. We have significant experience representing non-U.S. citizens who are charged with crimes and fight for clients who face additional charges related to child endangerment when they're arrested.

Our criminal defense attorneys covered in local and national media:

Houman Fakhimi has been part of many high-profile criminal defense cases. Most recently Mr. Fakhimi  has been covered by Fox News LA  as well as CBS local news for his representation of a defendant in multiple murder case in Orange County. Call our San Bernardino and Orange County criminal defense lawyer for a better more aggressive defense.

Our Victories

  • 10 years ago client charged with domestic violence [Case Dismissed]
  • Child Molestation with Priors [Case Dismissed]
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Threats [Case Dismissed]
  • Triple Murder, with Gang and Special Circumstance Allegations [Case Dismissed]
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